To each of our young people I pray that you continue to show that you are growing in Christ.

Continue to strive and reach your goals.  Continue to be committed to the Lord and He will show you your “unique” purpose in life. Follow His lead and He shall direct your path.  Being committed to Him means developing spiritual habits, such as Bible Study, Prayer, Accountability with another believer, Scripture memorization ( as we do in Sunday School), and commitment to the church body. 

Always love yourself and others as God loves us!


These are just a few of our Outreach Activities

Here at Jones Chapel MBC, Our members follow the example of Jesus, which is to meet  the people with the Word Of God where they are.

In these communities Jesus met the afflicted and healed them, he found the hungry and fed them, he sought out the slave and freed their mind, he encountered those with broken hearts and spirits and gave them hope. This is also the Mission of Jones’s Chapel Outreach Ministry.

We invite you to join us in bringing the life saving word of God to all of our community wherever they are and in whatever condition they find themselves.

Carla Burgess Youth Services

To the Youth

First Lady, Rev. Sheila Alston

Pastor Anthony Q. Alston Sr. blesses and anoints with oil a member of the Hour of Power Bible Study. The Hour of Power is an important preparation to ready our members for the work of outreach.

However, as  stately as Jones Chapel Church is, we realize that it is still only brick and mortar.  The real Jones Chapel church are the dedicated members, missionaries, saints and believers that give the surrounding community life through their Outreach.

The mission of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as demonstrated in the Holy Bible was to give spiritual life to the people by going into the communities.

The Members of Jones Chapel Baptist Church are proud of its beautiful Church of brick and mortar  We are blessed to have a facility that we can praise the name of God in safety and comfort.  Our Church has become a safe haven  for worshipers to renew their faith.  

This work of Jesus defines the true Mission of Jones Chapel Baptist Church.  Jones Chapel Baptist Church is not just a building, we are a spirit of Outreach, meeting the needs of the community wherever we find them. We invite you to join us in giving spiritual life to our communities with the Word of God.

Meeting the Needs of Our Community
The Real Jones Chapel church
We Are A Spirit Of Outreach
Our Outreach Begins With God’s Word

Jones Chapel Baptist Church is an Outreach Ministry  that believes we are all blessed, guided, saved and redeemed by the Word of Almighty God.  


Jones Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Anthony Q. Alston Sr. • Pastor

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Hour of Power Bible Study

Reverend Tonya Jones

Instructor New Disciples Class

Jones Chapel Church has an active youth outreach, a creative youth development and challenging youth ministry.

Our objective is to develop leadership skills in our youth and to show them how to resolve issues in their  own lives using the Word of God.