Jones Chapel Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1871.  It started under a "bush harbor", which was just a shady spot in the brush.  Reverend Jim Gardener was the first pastor and he remained in that stead until his death. Reverend Kit Christmas was named the new and second pastor, while the idea was formed to build a little wooden structure church.

Several years later, Reverend Christmas passed and Reverend Early Jones became the third pastor.  Reverend Jones also remained in place until declining health relieved him of his duties.

The church went for an extended period without a pastor, yet the Lord's work continued to be done thanks to some strong Christian pioneers.  led brothers: Bruce Baskett, William Foster, George Hawkins, Walter Hicks, and Roger Mayfield; Deacons: Osborne Currin, and Haywood Foster, along with others, we were able to build the the actual church we are in now.

Reverend James Fogg later became the fourth pastor.  He led us for several years then he was replaced by Reverend Ronald Wheless.  Reverend Wheless, our fifth pastor, served us well until he retired, at which point a Pulpit Search Committee was formed.

The Committee, led with prayer, worked diligently and through a church vote came up with our current pastor, Reverend Anthony Q. Alston Sr.  

The committee members were Chairman: Wilton Baskett; Secretaries: Jacqueline Williams, and Karen Wright; Brothers: James Hawkins, and Douglas Jones; Sisters: Yvonne Alston, Susan Dortch, and Elizabeth Williams; Deacons: John, Foster George Hawkins, Randy Perry, and Walter Pugh, Reverend Alston, our sixth Pastor, is now leading us in this new area fueled with challenges.

We continue to grow in the Lord and truly believe that


Our History

Jones Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Anthony Q. Alston Sr. • Pastor

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