From the Pastor’s Desk

Pastor-trans-6-375Greetings to you all! I thank the Lord for his favor on this Ministry. We have yet to see how miraculously God is going to open up the windows of Heaven and favor will be our address. Obedience to Gods expectations is the key to your success. I want you to always be alert on this Christian journey because the adversary is seeking whom he can devour. As your Pastor, I will receive instructions from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and as your imperfect intercessor; I will teach you about your life. I am assigned to you by God with the anointing and with this anointing I have a right to cast out devils. I have a right to go against anything or anybody that is causing trouble to you and as long as I stay within my rights, Heaven backs me up. Let us grow together through the power of our living God. As your Pastor, my will is to do the will of God. I do not claim to know all the answers, but I can promise you we can find them together with our obedience to Sunday School, Praise and Worship Services, Bible Study, etc. Fellowshipping with agape love and holding true to the supporting of the Church covenant is Heaven right here on earth. Let us live inside the Kingdom so that we may be equipped to reach the lost, help the weak and encourage the wounded until that great trumpet sounds and the Lord cracks the sky and we all hear those wonderful words “Well done my good and faithful servant”. I am excited about this mission. I Love all with the Love of the Lord!!
Rev. Anthony Q. Alston, Sr.